Legal capital investor services

LCPIS is an independent competent  bondholder representative (Russian analogue of trustee), created by a highly professional team of lawyers and investment bankers for the purpose of representing the interests of bondholders in public debt instruments.

Our advantages

Extensive experience in the debt markets

Our team is working on the Russian debt market and capital market since 2003 and has a unique experience for the successful maintenance of more than 200 bond issues worth a total of more than 20 bln. Dollars. USA

The balance of interests of issuers and investors

Balancing the interests of the issuer and investors is our priority. Maintaining long-lasting relationships with issuers and investors is of paramount importance to us and our strategic goal.

Bondholders representative our focus

LCPIS does not carry out activities other than bondholder representative.  It is our exclusive focus and priority, which is why we devote the maximum amount of time to each project and ensure promptness, highly professional work and excellent service.

Unique experience

We act as bondholder representative in 160+ bond issues for a total amount of more than 1.5 trillion rubles. For the first time in the history of the Russian market, LCPIS signed settlement, novation, pledge and direct concession agreements on behalf of bondholders.. In addition to that, we exercise control over the issuer's spending operations.

Broad functionality

We act as a professional bondholder representative in relation to both ordinary corporate issues and complexly structured bonds with extended scope: corporate issues in the process of restructuring and bankruptcy, issues with covenants monitored by LCPIS, securitization issues, issues of infrastructure and structured bonds.


LCPIS leads the bondholder representatives market unconditionally. For five years (2017–2021) LCPIS has been ranked first in the annual ranking of bondholder representatives conducted by Cbonds, the leading Russian financial information agency. Our team has an extensive set of awards from Cbonds: Best Bondholder Representative, Best Law Firm in the Bond Market, Best DCM Team, Best DCM Deal, Restructuring of the Year.  

Our experience